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About Us

Aayansh Securities Systems Private Limited is an engineering and construction company providing versatile and comprehensive service in power and infrastructure industries, Hospital, Corporates Buildings, Chemical Industry and many more Projects. The core activities of the Company include three major business lines: Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Alarm & Detection, Fire Protection, P A System, IBMS, CCTV, Access Control and Electrical Service, Deluge Valve Ready Skid Production, Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System Skid Production, Fabricated Hydrant Posts and Electrical Panel Production. The company has undertaken projects of all types, sizes and in all environments in India and abroad.

Aayansh Securities Systems Private Limited previously known as VENUS SYSTEMS and it was established in the year 2012 by a first generation entrepreneur and young engineers Mr PRALAY KUMAR DAS and Co-Partner with a vision in outlook and passion in approach to create one of the leading Electro Mechanical Company. In the year ending 2015-2016 management has decided to make business with central government registration and take the benefited of India Government Business Policies, VENUS SYSTEMS is again registered as on ROC (Ministry of Company Affairs) as name of Aayansh Securities Systems Private Limited. Today Aayansh Securities Systems stands tall among contemporary players in the installation of Fire Alarm & Detection, Fire Protection, P A System, IBMS, CCTV, Access Control and Electrical Service, Deluge Valve Ready Skid Production, Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System Skid Production and Electrical Panel Production.


To be an outstanding company and dominant player among the peers and delight the customers through products and services with continuous improvement.


Maintain high standards in workmanship, meet customer requirements to the brim, achieve timely completion of projects by adopting innovative methods and planning, enhance organizational skills through periodic training and retention of Human resources and tireless pursuit for excellence all the time.

Our Pillars (Teams)

1. Design and Engineering

2. Procurement

3. Fabrication & Assembly Production

4. Construction and Commissioning

Production Facilities

Aayansh Securities Systems Privet Limited operates fabrication, build and assembly facilities strategically located at the JALAHALLI, BANGALORE, operated by Fabrication & Manufacturing Partner Shilpi Engineers.

Production facility allows us to handle all aspects of mechanical contracts - from the simplest to the most complex. Teams of skilled personnel are assigned at these facilities, all equipped with the necessary technical competence to perform tasks such as fabrication, painting, build, assembly, test and system verification works, tailored to our customers' needs and requirements.


Aayansh Securities Systems Privet Limited, in its quest to be the leader among ETC and EPC companies is committed to achieve continual improvement in its products, services and performance to enhance customer satisfaction through improved level of quality and conforming to its contractual obligations and induce quality awareness at all levels of employees by imparting training, improving attitude, enhancing motivation and encouraging total involvement.


Aayansh Securities Systems Privet Limited, is committed to maintain higher standard in occupational Health, Safety and Environment protection even while pursuing quality works and comply with all safety norms, procedures and statutory rules and impart functional responsibility at all levels, educate train and motivate everyone associated with the company to achieve the goal of 'Zero incident'.