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Electricity has become the lifeline of modern society. Homes, Offices, Industry, Schools, Hospitals, Transportation, Communication, Road Lighting, Markets all depend on reliable Electric Supply. Life comes to a standstill without electricity. Electricity has become an integral and inevitable part of every body’s life. It is also necessary to remember that electricity becomes destructive and dangerous, if not handled with care, safety conforming to laid down safety standards and norms. In case of building fires, which often destroy property and lives causing sufferings to the affected people, the first culprit is often supposed to be ‘Electric Short Circuit. In the above context, the General Specification for Electrical Works (Internal) aims to lay down General guidelines to ensure safe, efficient, reliable and economical use of electricity.

The design and planning of an electrical installation involve consideration of all prevailing conditions and is usually guided by the requirement of the consumer. A competent Electrical Engineer should take the responsibility of detailed designing and planning to meet the requirement of various functional needs, efficiency, economy, energy conservation, aesthetics, appropriate technology, safety and avoidance of possible fire hazards.

Electrical sub-station may be required for following reasons:

  • When electric load is in excess of permitted LT supply limit of ‘Electrical Supply Authority’, which necessitates setting up of sub-station.
  • When it is desired to have a sub-station for technical reasons.

The power requirement should be assessed, in consultation with the owner/ users, and discussion should be held with the Electricity supply authority to decide on location/ space required for Electricity supply equipment/ meter and tariff involved.

Quality of Electric Supply

  • The parameters which decide the quality of electric supply are:-
    • Voltage
    • Frequency
    • Absence of harmful harmonics.
    • Protection against Surge/ Lightning.
  • Modern buildings use large number of electro-mechanical, electronic devices, which for their proper operation and protection require quality electric supply.
  • Hence, based on specifc needs, suitable additional equipments like voltage correctors, filters, surge protectors, UPS etc. may be provided as an integral part of the electric power system.