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Main Power Distribution Board

Power distribution board is used for electrical power distribution. In this acb, mccb, sdf, mcb etc are the main equipment’s. This receives supply from pcc. Power distribution board offers isolation and short circuit as basic protections. Other protections like over current, earth fault, earth leakage etc are offered on case to case basis.

General Specifications:

  • System voltage - 3 phase 4 wire 415V system with earthing
  • Type of construction - Form iib, free standing, floor/ wall mounted, cubicle design.
  • Degree of protection - IP 55
  • Busbar - Tinned electrolytic grade copper busbar sleeved with colored PVC heat shrinkable sleeves as per required rating.
  • Busbar supports - Epoxy insulators
  • Busbar short circuit withstand capacity - 50 KA for 1 second duration/ 35 KA for 1 second duration.
  • Conditional short circuit withstand capacity at rated voltage - 50 KARMS @ 415V/ 35 KARMS @ 415V